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Online Advertising Tutorial

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1. Set Campaign Goals

All successful online marketing programs require answers to a set of fundamental questions about desired audience, action, timing and budget.

Whom do I want to reach?

You might decide that age and gender define your audience (e.g. Females, Age 18-34). Or you might find that income and interest define your audience (Auto Enthusiasts, HHI $100K+). Whether you want to reach a broad or niche group, your target audience should inform your campaign strategy.

Where is my audience?

Obviously, you’ll want to conduct your campaign on sites that “skew” toward your target audience. Stats on audience composition can be found on the profile page for each FM site.

What do I want my audience to do after seeing my ad?

Are you trying to create brand or product awareness? Or is the objective to drive traffic to an e-commerce engine or product page? In either case, you should determine in advance how to measure campaign success.

When do I want to advertise?

Are you promoting an upcoming event? Or are you looking for immediate benefits? FM offers campaign lengths as short as one day or as long as one year.

How much do I want to spend?

The number of impressions you serve will be limited by your campaign budget and timing. You will want to make certain to set campaign goals that can be met with your budget.

In addition, you want to choose sites that are not too large for your budget. A rule of thumb is to choose a site on which you will have at least 10% “share of voice” or “SOV”. Share of voice is the percent of page views on which your ad will run.

Example: If you purchase 5,000 impressions/day on a site with 50,000 daily page views, you will have 10% SOV.